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President / Founder

Stephen Anthony Ralston

- Crowned One Entertainment evolved to create entertainment projects with an emphasis on film production.

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Stephen Anthony Ralston



Magician Member of "The Academy of Magical Arts"




 Stephen Anthony Ralston is a native to Southern California, and as a child was introduced to the ABC- TV prospect studio lot where he witnessed first-hand the art of television production.  As he grew Stephen had a passion for all forms of entertainment including acting, dance, and magic which included a Chaplin impersonation that he specialized in.   

 Ralston began work in the entertainment industry as a utility for camera operators on several award and television shows including General Hospital.  It proved to be an invaluable experience, and a great training ground for Ralston.  He worked utility for 3 years and contributed to the Emmy Award Winning achievement of the 66th Annual Academy Awards until he transitioned as a professional entertainer. Stephen made his first professional acting debut Guest Starring opposite Annie Potts in ABC’s   “Dangerous Minds”. Soon after he Co-Starred opposite Dick and Barry Van Dyke in CBS’s popular “Diagnosis Murder”, and was unrecognizable under 3 hours of makeup when he Co-Starred as an alien klingon in UPN’s “Star Trek Voyager”.  From episodic to sitcom Stephen then followed up with a comedic debut Guest Starring in an episode of NBC’s “City Guys”.  In 2000 Stephen began Producing, Writing, Directing, and was awarded a Bronze Cindy Award for his short film “Johnson.”  His written work led him to the stage with a couple of one-man shows: “Life, Love, and Death,” and “Memoirs of a Married Man.”  In 2010 Ralston collaborated with UCLA film grads, and financed a showcase piece of a popular children’s book.  (Available on request only.)  Ralston worked on all aspects of the film, and even starred as the main character. Magical Arts play an important part in Stephen’s professional repertoire. He is a proud member of “The Academy of Magical Arts”, and as a magician he is known as Stephen Anthony.  

 Crowned One Entertainment evolved to produce independent entertainment projects in many areas including magical theater.  Stephen Anthony is committed to acquiring new roles from new media contracts, television, cable, feature film work, and Magical Arts.